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wool tops

WOOLINY standard & WOOLINY mini

sheep’s wool

woolen nonwoven

thin & thick


Fertilan & Ekofert

felt wool

with a weight of about 500g/m2

Here you can use the following services:

comprehensive wool processing

washing, coloring, carding, combing

laboratory examination

nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium content, fiber length, fiber micronization

dry biomass pelleting

pellet 4-6mm, feedstock: Lucerne, straw, dry biomass, quantity: even to 2000 t/m-c


in service we will pack raw material from dry biomass in different packaging, i.e: boxes, plastic bags, small sachets - according to your wishes

Soon in our stock!!!

ECO-NONWOVWN for Home insulation - 100% WOOL

Thanks to tradition reaching year 1832, we guarantee::

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Kamila Poprawska

Kamila Poprawska

Sales Manager

sale of wool products

mobile: +48 509 754 003
tel.: +48 68 477 51 06
e-mail: kamila.poprawska@poltops.pl

e-mail: czesanka@poltops.pl

e-mail: sklep@poltops.pl

language: polish

Marta Podołowska

Marta Podołowska

Sales Manager

sale of wool products and services

mobile: +48 514 764 670
tel.: +48 68 477 51 04

e-mail: marta.podolowska@poltops.pl

e-mail: marketing@poltops.pl

language: english, german


Anna Barańska

Anna Barańska

Product Manager


AGRO products / pelleting services

mobile: +48 509 692 883
tel.: + 48 68 477 51 06

e-mail: anna.baranska@poltops.pl

e-mail: nawozy@poltops.pl

language: polish

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