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It has been used for making textiles for years. It has excellent thermal insulation properties, thanks to which it provides heat and maintains proper body temperature. What's more, it is a hygroscopic material, perfectly wicks away excess moisture, so you do not feel unpleasant feeling of coolness.

It has also long been used for the production of bedding, because it is believed that this material has healing properties. For users, it is extremely pleasant to the touch, gives the impression of warmth, and what's more, it is perfect for allergy sufferers because it does not cause allergies or irritation.

We offer a wide range of this material, we offer wool, dyed and carded wool. We offer it in natural colors, bleached and also colored, thanks to which it is possible to create products in many different colors.

It should be remembered that when deciding on such a material, you should take care of it properly. In the case of slight dirt, dry cleaning is sufficient, ie the stain is removed only from the specific element on which it was made, without soaking the rest of the material. Proper care of this material will make our products serve us for many years.

Washed wool

Wool dyed

Woolen card

Washed wool

In our sales offer we have washed wool.

Washed wool is a wool cleaned of greasepaste and sands, etc. during the technological washing process. Popular use of washed wool is: production of knitted fabrics, nonwovens and wool felt, carded yarns and wool fillings. We offer sheep's wool in natural colors, undercoat and colored. Parameters consistent with the expectations of our customers, thickness ranging from 22-38 mic.

Wool dyed

In our modern dye-house we have the possibility to dye sheep's wool in any color and wool undercoat. The minimum dyeing batch is 200 kg.

Woolen card

Woolen card - washed wool is subjected to an additional purification process. This allows us to obtain an intermediate product prepared for further processing. Woolen card is widely used in the production of knitted fabrics, as well as in the production of nonwovens and wool felt. Cardboards are also used as fillings of high-quality wool products, eg mattresses. We offer carding in natural colors, undercoat and dyed. Parameters consistent with the expectations of our customers, thickness ranging from 22-38 mic.

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