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Polish Worsted wool

We are a producer of worsted wool "WOOLINY". Our offer includes WOOLINY standard and WOOLINY mini.

WOOLINY is a high-quality Polish worsted tape, which is used as an intermediate for the production of wool yarns, nonwovens and wool felt. It is also very popular in the handicraft and hobby industry, especially for plaiting blankets.

It is formed as a result of spinning, and its final form is the result of several stages, which include carding, real spinning and twisting.

Worsted wool is made of long fibers, its shape resembles a rope. Its great advantage is that it is very smooth and regular.

What's more, it can be well formed because it is very plastic. Thanks to the fact that the material is very pleasant to the touch, the resulting products "do not bite", are very light and warm at the same time.

All these features of worsted wool make it used to create hats, sweaters and dresses. Currently, it is increasingly used for making decorative blankets and plaids that are very warm and look great on the couch.

We offer a wide range of Wooliny, among products are available in mini and standard version. The main difference is the width of the resulting weave. The mini version allows you to obtain thinner braids while the standard - wider ones.

On our website you can also find a catalog with a large selection of our products in various colors. Such a large variety of colors will make everyone find the right one for them.

Parameters WOOLINY standard:

  • weight: 4,6-4,9kg (25g / 1m),
  • number of meters at 1 withers approx .: 188 m,
  • micronage approx .: 26-29 mic,
  • fiber length: 55-65mm,
  • the size of the withers
    *height -37 cm,
    *diameter - 28cm.

Parameters WOOLINY mini:

  • weight: 2.8-3.1 kg (5g / 1m),
  • number of meters at 1 withers approx .: 600m,
  • micronage approx .: 26-29 mic,
  • fiber length: 55-65mm,
  • the size of the withers:
    * height -37 cm,
    * diameter - 28cm.

The size of the cardboard (when ordering 6 items): 83x53x40cm

The Woolin catalog, as well as the color range for easy color selection can be seen below.

What is the difference between WOOLINY standard and WOOLINY mini

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