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Service of wool washing




The wool wash- the process resulted in wool grease and small dust (e.g. sand) removal. Directly after sheep shearing wool fibres contain a lot of accompanying elements, removal of which is necessary for further knitting processing, e.g. yarn production.

  • Grease wool should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. max fibres lenght till 100 mm,
  2. max micron size till 42 mic,
  3. fibres should be carbonized.

The company’s min amount acceptable for washing is 500 kg of greased wool.


  • What is the process of wool wash like?

The wool should first be prepared. During this stage before being washed, the wool is loosened, fibres of the same length are mechanically beaten and formed in the conveyor, which constantly and in a controlled way feeds the scouring machine, then to a coupled dryer. During such wool preparation, hard minerals such as hay, the shortest fibres and faeces are removed. Depending on if the wool is sorted or not before the delivery – the amount of waste removed from the wool before the washing procedure will be different. The wool cleaned in such a way is transported to a scouring machine. The washing process cleans the wool of sheep grease and mineral dust, that is stuck by grease to fibres, and unpleasant smell. The next stage is the drying process. After the bleaching the production process finishes for the raw material, that should be only washed.

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