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Knitted fabrics





Knitted fabrics is aimed at wool bedding and clothing production. It is certified with the world known Woolmark quality certificate, and certified for being human friendly and Moratex. Perfect quality and unlimited possibilities of colours, pattern combinations allow the company to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients.

  • Types of knitted fabrics:

  1. standard,
  2. combed,
  3. combined (synthetic fabrics + wool).
  • Features in correlation with the knitted fabrics price:

  1. kind of knitted fabrics:
    • jacquard,

    • 1-colour,

    • raw – white.

  2. weight symbols:
    • BL - till 329 g/m2,

    • SL - 330-379 g/m2,

    • TL - 380-459 g/m2,

    • TC - 460-539 g/m2,

    • BC - from 540 g/m2.


  1. shearing height:
    • standard 22 mm,

    • another: 5-35 mm.

  2. types of processing:
    • napping,

    • siliconisation,

    • half-bleaching,

    • tumbling,

    • fusing standard,

    • anti slipping fusing.

  • The process of knitted fur fabrics


Knitted fur fabrics are produced by circular knitting machines. The machines knit fibres through plain fabric stitches. At this stage there are two processes: knitting of plain fabrics, and passing fibres by mini carding machines. The same knitting needle takes the pile of fibres and then takes the yarn. Both processes are synchronized. Previously the transporters feeding the machine could only be combed or carded – everything depends on what the final result is that we would like to receive. The feeding transporters might be raw-white (the natural colour of wool), dyed, mélange or half-bleached. Each needle is controlled independantly in the jacquard machines. As a result we receive fabrics in accordance with the pattern that is programmed and introduced to the memory.

Company’s address

Poltops Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Dworcowa 45, 68-100 Żagań, Poland
tel. +48 68 477 51 01, fax +48 68 477 51 00
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