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  • Knitted fabrics - pile knitted fabrics, or in combination with syntethic fibres. The product focuses on producing wool bedding and clothing.


  • Combed fabrics - combed fibres prepared for spinning, semi-finished product used for production of high quality wool yarns, used also for felt products in handicraft sector.


  • Carded fabrics - wool fibres are loosened, formed in fleece, then prepared for spinning.


  • Wool - we sell greasy sheep wool and washed sheep wool.




  • Wool washing - the process resulted in removal of grease and tiny mineral dirt (e.g. sand).


  • Dyeing - the process of wool and synthetic fibre dyeing.


  • Carding - fibers are loosened, formed in to fleece, then prepared for spinning , where all vegetable dust, very short fibres and grains of pearl barley are removed.


  • Combing - the next process where vegetable dust, short and matted fibres are mechanically removed, then fibres are straighten.


  • Lab examinations - the level of grease, the length, micron size, moisture content of fibres.

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